News and Events

A list of conferences, workshops and events that the WITNESS consortium published the work conducted for this project

  • CVPR 2018 Conference
  • SITIS2018 Conference
  • Mobility Internet of Things 2018
  • DCOSS2019 Conference
  • ACCV2019 Conference
  • CVPR 2019 Conference
  • IMCS2019 Conference
  • ICASSP 2020 Conference
  • DCOSS 2020 Conference


List of Project Publications

  • Jiri Fajtl, Vasileios Argyriou, Dorothy Monekosso, Paolo Remagnino, AMNet: Memorability Estimation with Attention, CVPR, 2018
  • AR Khadka, P Remagnino, V Argyriou, Object 3D Reconstruction based on Photometric Stereo and Inverted Rendering, SITIS 2018
  • V Argyriou, Asymmetric Bilateral Phase Correlation for Optical Flow Estimation in the Frequency Domain SITIS 2018
  • Braicov et al. – Smart Surveillance Systems and Their Applications In book: Mobility Internet of Things 2018. Guimaraes, Portugal November 2018
  • Antoine Rimboux, Rob Dupre, Thomas Lagkas, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Paolo Remagnino, Vasileios Argyriou, “Smart IoT Cameras for Crowd Analysis based on augmentation for automatic pedestrian detection, simulation and annotation,” 2019 15th International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS), 2019, pp. 304-311
  • AR Khadka, MM Oghaz, W Matta, M Cosentino, P Remagnino, V Argyriou, Learning how to analyse crowd behaviour using synthetic data, Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Computer Animation 2019
  • J Fajtl, HS Sokeh, V Argyriou, D Monekosso, P Remagnino Summarizing videos with attention, Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 39-54, 2019
  • J Fajtl, V Argyriou, D Monekosso, P Remagnino, Amnet: Memorability estimation with attention
  • Proceedings of the IEEE CVPR 2019
  • Mattiacci et al. – WITNESS – WIDE INTEGRATION OF SENSOR NETWORKS TO ENABLE SMART SURVEILLANCE. Proceedings of the NATO SPS Cluster Workshop on Advanced Technologies. Leuven, Belgium, September 2019
  • Andrei Braicov, Ivan Budanaev and Mircea Petic Risk Detection Algorithm Design: Officer Fall Case Study, IMCS-55 2019
  • A Khadka, P Remagnino, V Argyriou, Synthetic Crowd and Pedestrian Generator for Deep Learning Problems, ICASSP 2020-2020 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and
  • Anish Khadka, Vasileios Argyriou, Paolo Remagnino Accurate Deep Net Crowd Counting for Smart IoT, DCOSS 2020