Project Demo

WITNESS Project Demo:

Some examples of applicable scenarios shall be the following:

  1. Different types of sensors – fixed (e.g. cameras or microphones), mobile (installed on police vehicles or mini UAVs) and Instrumented Police Officers- can provide useful information, each one characterized by “non-covering points”: the analysis and fusion of these data through the distributed architecture dramatically increases the spatial and temporal coverage and accuracy necessary for the threat detection;
  2. Information collected by stationary (fixed) and wearable sensors (forming a Body Area Network – BAN) are sent to a remote command and control centre to allow an efficient surveillance of the critical assets;
  3. Sensor data acquired by equipped personnel units in different locations of the area that are non-relevant at stand-alone level, can highlight very relevant scenarios aspects if shared and fused with the other units: a specific tactical behaviour of the terrorists, a non-correct deployment of the police units in the area, the presence of troops.
  4. Pedestrians walking or running too fast or too slow may be the malicious individuals in a crowd: an appropriate scene analysis can discovery an anomalous behaviour to signalize to other interested police units.


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