Welcome to WITNESS Project

Wide InTegration of sensor Networks to Enable Smart Surveillance.

This project has received funding from the NATO SPS Programme under the funding NATO SPS G5437


About Project

About Project

WITNESS proposes an innovative framework for situational awareness and decision making, to improve the effectiveness of security forces in preventing and dealing with an urban attack. The pervasive and scalable nature of this framework, based on a sensor data fusion engine and scene understanding models, will facilitate the security forces to leverage the information gathered by multiple sensors (e.g. fixed visible/IR cameras, microphones, UAV payloads) and devices (iVest of policeman and connected police vehicles), since it will obviate the need for manual surveillance and processing of the sensor streams (e.g., watching hundreds of cameras).


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About Us

NATO Studies and Research Coordinator
Mr. Bruno DI MARCO
Link Campus University – LCU
Via del Casale di San Pio V – Rome

Phone: +39.06.8820.6023
Email: security.research@unilink.it

Associate Professor
Dr. Vasileios ARGYRIOU
Kingston University – KU
KT1 2EE, Surrey

Phone: +44 (0)20 8417 2930
Email: Vasileios.Argyriou@kingston.ac.uk

Prof. Andrei BRAICOV
Universitatea de Stat din Tiraspol – UST
3 a, Maria Dragan str., ap. 39, MD-2023, Chisinau
Republic of Moldova

Phone: (+373) 22 629690
Email: abraicov@gmail.com

Vice Rector for International Affairs and European Integration
Prof. Diana SPULBER
International Institute of Management IMI-Nova
Republic of Moldova

Phone: + 373 44 24498
Email: spidiana@virgilio.it